Nata per te

Born for you is the story of Luca and Alba: a man and a little girl who desperately need each other, even if the world around them doesn't yet seem ready to see them together.
The Naples court is looking for a family for Alba, who has Down syndrome and was abandoned in hospital as soon as she was born. Luca, single, homosexual, Catholic, always driven by a strong desire for fatherhood, fights to obtain custody of Alba.
How many “traditional” families have to say no before Luca can be taken into consideration? Can a little girl rejected by the world become the prize of a lifetime?.


Vision Distribution
Ministero della Cultura
Dir. Gen. Cinema Audiovisivo
Regione Campania
Fabio Mollo
YEAR 2023

Pierluigi Gigante
Teresa Saponangelo
Barbora Bobulova
Alessandro Piavani
Antonia Truppo
Iaia Forte
Nata per te