Io sono Tempesta

Numa Tempesta is one of the wealthiest men in Italy.
He is about to close the deal of a lifetime, a deal that will make him even richer, when his lawyers tell him that he has just been sentenced to do social work in a homeless shelter. Numa is used to surrounding himself with the finest and most luxurious things in the world.
What he eats, the hotel he lives in and the way he travels are more than anybody could everdream for. Now he is forced to face the poor, to be in contact with people that have nothing. In the shelter he will come to know Elio, an optimistic man who is unable to understand how anybody can be that rich. And to make things worst there is Angela, the director of the homeless shelter, a religious fanatic whore fuses consumerismas a lifestyle.
Numa will be part of a reeducation process and she will be the one who will decide if Numa can be redeemed. Numa will understand that richness made him a lonely man and, for the first time in his life, will build a friendship with Elio and the other men in the shelter.
But when he will have to choose between money and friendship it won’t be that easy.


Rai Cinema
DIRECTOR Daniele Luchetti
YEAR 2019

Marco Giallini
Elio Germano
Eleonora Danco
Jo Sung
Francesco Gheghi
Carlo Bigini
DISTRIBUTION 01 Distribution
Io sono Tempesta