La lunga corsa

Jail, for Giacinto, is anything but a black hole: the son of two prisoners, he was not only born inside a prison, but he also grew up there. Free to fly away, decidedly unprepared to do so.
Childhood, adolescence, 18 year candles: that is "home", despite the bars, and Jack, the head of the guards, is a surly and attentive "dad"... Working on the eccentric lightness on which Easy - Un easy easy journey, Andrea Magnani builds the funny and surreal tale of Giacinto (the Adriano Tardiolo of happy Lazarus): a child, then a young adult, who does not know the grammar of the world and is afraid of it.
A bizarre and kind outsider who will discover, in his own legs and in the long run of the title, the pair of wings he has always needed.


Pilgrim Film
Fresh Production Group
Rai Cinema
Andrea Magnani
YEAR 2023

Adriano Tardiolo
Giovanni Calcagno
Barbora Bobulova
Nina Naboka
La lunga corsa