Via Argine 310

A twelve-month documentary film that follows the story of the former Whirlpool workers of Naples - Ponticelli, which ended a few months ago with the dismissal of 316 workers after the abrupt closure of the site.
Three years earlier, those same workers had tenaciously created the "Whirlpool - Naples does not give up" garrison which still exists, in the former after-work, in Via Argine, a historic address, which for decades housed the plant of the American multinational washing machine.
Hopes, fears, desires and a lot of anger are distributed throughout the film thanks to the testimonies of some of the workers mobilized for three years. Theirs are stories in the balance between the legitimate fear of losing their job and concerns for their children in the city where more than anywhere else precariousness is a real fact. The film tells the crisis of the workers' position in the Italian society’s mind and in the strategic horizon of political forces.


Rai Cinema
Gianfranco Pannone
YEAR 2022
Via Argine 310

Special Prize "Cinema e lavoro"