Benvenuti in casa Esposito

Tonino Esposito is the son of a famous boss of the Camorra of the Rione Sanità. Clumsy and clumsy, he is unable to hurt a fly and for this reason, when his father dies, everything passes into the hands of another affiliate.
He is a good Tonino, he does everything he can to collect the protection money, to be loud, to imitate his father, but it is not his job. Tonino thus leads a life as a mediocre Camorra, without being able to be respected neither by those who should hate him for his abuses, nor by those who should love him for his successes. But when he discovers that his daughter is engaged to the son of the magistrate who is hunting the boss of the Rione Sanità, Tonino will have the opportunity to redeem his figure in front of his family and all of Naples.


Vision Distribution
Gianluca Ansanelli
YEAR 2021

Giovanni Esposito
Antonia Truppo
Francesco Di Leva
Nunzia Schiano
Salvatore Misticone
Gennaro Silvestro
Gianni Ferreri
Peppe Lanzetta
Antonio Orefice
Elisabetta Pedrazzi
Noemi Piscopo
Genny Guazzo
Francesco Del Gaudio
DISTRIBUTION Vision Distribution
Benvenuti in casa Esposito